Rubber gaskets

Gaskets for gaps

We offer you high-quality gaskets for gaps. Individually adjusted to a given hole, they will be incredibly hermetic. Our products are made from solid materials, therefore, they will serve you for a long time and let you avoid leakage problems.

Gaskets for hatches

Gaskets for hatches are of utmost importance in places that need to be kept hermetic. Mostly used in ship hatches and in preventing leaking in tanks in the food industry. It is possible to create gaskets from many different materials, i.e. food grade rubber, EPDM and silicon.

Gaskets for flanges

Our assortment of products includes also flat gaskets for flanges. They are responsible for making sure the high-pressure systems are always functioning correctly, with no unexpected leaking. We cut them out of gasket plates according to our client’s requirements. Our gaskets for flanges are solid and durable products, resistant to water, steam, petroleum, solvents, fuels, oils, saline solutions, plus weak acids and alkalis.

Cutting rubber gaskets from micro-rubber

Our company offers high-standard rubber gaskets, made from materials delivered by trusted manufacturers. They are incredibly effective in agriculture, automotive industry, electrics and electronics, transportation and many more. We cut our products into many shapes and sizes to fulfil the demands of our clients. Thanks to cutting our gaskets from micro-rubber, there are very hermetic, allowing the machine to run smoothly and effectively.